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Graham Avenue and Cook Street Brooklyn, NY 11206




8 x 80 ft





The diverse community living on Graham Avenue, known locally as Avenue of Puerto Rico, is comprised of Latino, African American, and Caribbean peoples. "Yesterday I Dared to Struggle. Today I Dare To Win", created through Groundswells Voices Her'd program, represents this community in four sections. The first is entitled Portraits of a Remarkable Future and features portraits of each Voices Herd participant towering above a city skyline, dressed to show what they want to be in ten years. Together, the remaining three sections tell the story of one family. The story begins with a large red window which frames a scene of pepper fields filled with women. A tree breaks through its borders and enters a kitchen, where the peppers become a wallpaper motif. A grandmother, mother, and daughter cook side by side. In the final section, a crowd holds candles, representing the young artist's support and inspiration. The crowd includes women that the Voices Her'd group wrote about as their personal role models and individuals from the neighborhood who have served the community for over fifty years. They are the strength and hope for future generations.