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  • Our American Narrative Continues

    Created for public display at Ellis Island, Our American Narrative Continues is a six-part mural panel series celebrating the rich history of immigration to the United States.

  • Art Forms Change

    "Art Forms Change was created by students at GED Plus High School. The mural celebrates the students experience as first generation Americans.

  • Building Better Tomorrows

    As one of six projects created through Groundswell’s Summer Leadership Institute in 2007, young men in our Making His’tory program explored what it means to be an immigrant father in Brooklyn.

  • Feels Like Home: An Immigrant Journey

    In creating this mural for PS 24, a bilingual magnet school in Sunset Park, Groundswell’s Voices Her’d Visionaries team decided to tell the stories of the thousands of immigrant mothers who come to New York City in search of a better life each year.

  • Yesterday I Dared to Struggle. Today I Dare To Win

    The diverse community living on Graham Avenue, known locally as Avenue of Puerto Rico, is comprised of Latino, African American, and Caribbean peoples. “Yesterday I Dared to Struggle. Today I Dare To Win,” created through Groundswell’s Voices Her’d Visionaries program, represents this community in four sections.

  • The Golden Birdcage

    Groundswells first project organized Latino youth living in Williamsburg. Through numerous drawing sessions the group generated the mural's theme, How Our People Left Everything Behind to Str...