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  • Stapleton: The Community As Home

    The first mural at Stapleton Houses, Stapleton: The Community As Home is an homage to the history and current atmosphere at Stapleton Houses. The mural captures how the young artists, residents of Stapleton, value their home and express their creativity.

  • The Foundation of Stapleton

    The community members view Stapleton Houses as a wonderful place to live and they want to see it grow and flourish. To support this, the youth artists depicted Stapleton in their mural as a bright and growing metropolis, built on the foundation of history, trust, love and respect for one another and their surroundings.

  • Empowering the People, Transforming Our Home

    Through a new mural, youth artists engaged seniors at the Stapleton Houses in a public dialogue about the development's past and future as a site of hope, dreams, and community engagement.