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220 36th StreetBrooklyn, NY 11220United States




Four panels, 4 x 8 ft each





This project, created during live painting sessions at Industry City for NYCX Design Week 2014, visualizes the history of Blick Art Materials, Utrecht Art Supplies, and the Industry City complex. The imagery depicts art supply manufacturing and retail, historical imagery celebrating Industry City and Sunset Park, and the Utrecht and Blick Associations teacher-student relationship model. The murals design uses bold, industrial-style imagery to show the history of each brand set against the urban Brooklyn landscape. The use of gears symbolizes the industrial process and their reoccurance ties the four mural panels together. Bold primary colors are used to highlight the vibrant now against the sepia-toned contrasting landscape of the past. The first panel shows paint being manufactured in a factory set against an urban landscape, the second panel depicts the shelving and stocking process inside Blick Art Supply stores set against the historic Brooklyn Bridge, the third panel shows the beginnings of Industry City circa the 1930s, and the final panel shows the student-teacher relationship that the brands represent.