Youth Artist

Farangiz Yusupova

I joined Groundswell my senior year of high school in 2015, and since worked on three Voices Her'd murals. They are "Gender Violence and the Culture That Perpetuates It," "Respect is the Strongest Compliment," and "Passing Wisdom, Planting Seeds." When I first visited the Groundswell studio, I just couldn't believe that we would be given an opportunity to paint large scale murals that beautify neighborhoods, raise awareness to important topics, and most of all, make art visible and accessible to the public. On top of that, to get paid for that! For a seventeen-year-old-me it seemed like an unimaginable opportunity; it still does.

Working with Groundswell helped me connect with people, especially with women. For two summers in a row and one spring program, I worked with the Voices Her'd group, where we tackled issues related to feminism and developed deep bonds of sisterhood. I also had the pleasure to meet the smartest and most visionary young women of my age.

The Groundswell family involves such a diverse group. Working with people who come from different backgrounds helped me expand my horizons and understand different perspectives. Groundswell helped me realize that armed with just a brush and a palette full of colors, we can make a positive long-lasting impact in our own communities. 


Passing Wisdom, Planting Seeds

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Respect is the Strongest Compliment

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Gender Violence and the Culture That Perpetuates It

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