Project Information

Created by young women participating in Groundswells Voices Herd Visionaries program, "I Deal, I Dream, I Do" was designed for the side of CHIPS, a transitional housing center for homeless women and children in Gowanus, Brooklyn. "I Deal, I Dream, I Do" seeks to honestly represent the struggles, hard work, and accomplishments of young women today. Although too often women encounter many obstacles in their paths to success, the mural sends a clear message to young women in the community that through study, the arts, community support, and sheer dedication, they can fulfill their dreams. And through a commitment to themselves and their community, women can far exceed their own expectations, just as the participants in this project did. Located in a neighborhood in Brooklyn still suffering from entrenched economic problems, the mural serves as a testimony to the empowering and revitalizing impact that young people with artistic skills can make on the community.