Project Information
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85 Broad Street, 6th floorNew York, NY 10004United States




8 x 30 ft




Year UP, an organization dedicated to aiding students gain access to the necessary education and experience required to reach their full potential, worked in collaboration with Groundswell to create Kaleidoscopic Bridges. The mural was installed with the assistance of local youth in order to brighten up the organizations caf with an abstract representation of their mission. Year UP promotes six core values in all aspects of their work: respect, honesty, accountability, engage and embrace diversity, strive to learn, and work hard and have fun. The mural embodies these six values through the use of hexagons. Similarly, the six bridges featured in the work represent the six core values as well as symbolize the bridging of a divide through teamwork and cooperation. The interacting hands are engaged in a game of cats cradle, where two or more players collaborate to create string figures; this is symbolic of the transforming network at Year UP that is created and altered by each member of the community. The new mural at Year UP inspires collaboration and represents the benefits of forging relationships and networking.