Project Information
Google Map of Albany, NY


427 38th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232




Seven pillars, 4 x 7 ft each



During fall 2013, 5th grade students from PS 24 in Brooklyn came together with Groundswell to create 7 mini-murals that celebrate diversity within their community. Through critical thinking and class discussions the students were able to bring up new ways to draw meaning out of the theme of the mural: diversity and responsibility. Diversity to them did not just concern race, ethnicity, and culture, but also personalities, academic roles as well as roles at home, fashion, interests, and much more. Many Faces of Our Community depicts various scenes of youth studying and working together. In addition to this, the panels also point to themes of family, friendship, health, and cultural diversity which students worked together to create. Developing the mural enabled the students to think about their own lives and their connections to the community as well as providing a means for the children to exhibit responsibility like the scenes depicted in the murals.