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  • A Welcoming Celebration

    The second mural created by Groundswell for the Jacob A. Riis Settlement House, the artists on the team wanted to create awareness of the diverse communities living in Queensbridge Houses. The team created a piece that uses many cultural references and languages to make people feel welcome to the community center.

  • Sunsets and Stars

    Students at PS 169 created a welcoming mural inspired by the Core Values of their school: F. I. R. E. (Friendship, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence). These values are an opportunity to encoura...

  • The Seed of Diversity

    Designed by a talented team of High School for Arts and Business students, The Seed of Diversity illustrates the diversity of the neighborhood of Corona, a vibrant community which is home to ...

  • Empowerment of the Unified World

    Inspired by the multicultural nature of Corona, this mural focuses on youth unity and how it might contribute to the future development of Corona. The team was particularly interested in how empowe...

  • Many Faces of Our Community

    During fall 2013, 5th grade students from PS 24 in Brooklyn came together with Groundswell to create 7 mini-murals that celebrate diversity within their community.

  • The People of Sunset Park

    The People of Sunset Park is inspired by the medical staff, hospital administrators, and local residents who have helped make the Sunset Park Family Health Center a vibrant community health center.

  • Communidad Global, Global Community

    Communidad Global, Global Community was created by third and fourth grade students to celebrate the diversity of the PS 24 school community.

  • Diversity is a Rich Tapestry

    Diversity is a Rich Tapestry was created in partnership with NYC Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies. The mural memorializes student Jabulani Summers, age 11.