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3 University Avenue Newark, NJ 07104




72 x 11 ft





"This is Newark (Central Ward)" was part of a larger initiative in which Groundswell worked with the City of Newark to train its artists, businesses, and community organizations in our unique collaborative model. This colorful mural was installed in the center of Newark, New Jersey. The youth executed the final design based on discussions of the city's complexity, diversity, and elaborate history. A colorful mosaic was developed comprised of treasured historical sites and prominent figures from Newark. Some historic landmarks featured in the mural are The Newark Public Library and Sacred Heart Cathedral. Prominent figures from New Jersey are also featured, including poet Amiri Baraka, poet Allen Ginsberg, jazz singer Sarah Vaughan, American librarian and founder of Newark Museum John Cotton Dana, and educator Russell Aldo Murray. Newark is comprised of many upstanding citizens, and it is seen as their duty to spread their knowledge in order to create a more vibrant city. Also incorporated into the design are depictions inspired by the expression of each one, teach one, which encourages reciprocal education through teaching and learning from one another. As a whole, the mural evokes the spirit and color of this radiant city.