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447 Kingsborough 4th Walk Brooklyn, NY 11233




12 x 100 ft





As one of six projects created through Groundswells Summer Leadership Institute (SLI), youth worked with seniors to create a mural at the Hugh Gilroy Senior Center which brings to life Weeksvilles rich African American heritage. Weeksville was founded before the Civil War by seven freedmen and has been a strong voice in civil rights efforts since. The mural team first interviewed Hugh Gilroy residents before designing and painting this monumental mural, which wraps around a courtyard adjacent to the senior center. The design links imagery from the personal stories of Hugh Gilroy residents with imagery from Weeksvilles history. The mural uses portraits to celebrate the individuals who have contributed so much to the neighborhood and African American movements. These portraits remind viewers that these, too, are important faces to remember. The mural also includes references to distinctly African culture, including textile color, palette, and patterns.