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  • The Seasons of 4 Downing

    Groundswell partnered with Barrett Design and Development to create a mural project celebrating the history of one of Brooklyns most unique- the "Broken Angel" building at 4 Downing Street in Cl...

  • BLICK Industry City

    This project, created during live painting sessions at Industry City for NYCX Design Week 2014, visualizes the history of Blick Art Materials, Utrecht Art Supplies, and the Industry City complex. T...

  • The City As A Living Body

    Students from New Museums Global Classroom Program (G:Class) created The City as a Living Body in contribution to IDEAS CITY, a biannual street festival and conference series which brings ...

  • MetrOrganism

    MetrOrganism was designed for three cylindrical pillars in the Aspirations Diploma Plus High School library. Student artists developed imagery through observation of the immediate neighborhoood.

  • New York is a Rollercoaster

    In 2008, Groundswell collaborated with the New York City Department of Transportation and the Office of the Mayor to create New York City is a Rollercoaster. The team of muralists collectivel...

  • FAC Plaques

    Groundswell artist Mauricio Trenard designed and fabricated 50 plaques for the entrances to Fifth Avenue Committee housing developments in Brooklyn.