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345 Dean Street Brooklyn, NY 11217




8 x 15 ft



In 2003, a team of Groundswell youth artists collaborated to create Music Tamed the Beast at Brooklyn High School for the Arts. The youth discussed their aspirations for their future careers. The murals theme represents the mission of Brooklyn High School for the Arts, which aims to encourage and nurture youth to use their works and expressions, their rhythms and sounds, their impressions and designs, their movements and actions for fulfilling their potential, their dreams and aspirations. In the mural, a large yellow banner reads: What do you want to do with your life? Music tamed the beast. To the left, musicians play inspirational songs. To the right, a group of youth hold up carnival masks. On the masks is written different professions that the Groundswell artists aspire to have one day. The different aspects of the Brooklyn High School for the Arts curriculum is represented throughout the mural.