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  • Dreams and Aspirations

    Dreams and Aspirations centers on the message: the future is in our children. The mural is located at the entrance of a childcare center. The artist team focused on the creating a piece that the young children at the daycare will be able to see themselves reflected in.

  • Be the Change

    Be the Change encourages elders to serve as mentors so that the young people of the Castle Hill Houses can become a force of positive change and inspiration at their development and in the surrounding neighborhood.

  • We Elevate Ourselves

    We Elevate Ourselves, the first mural installed in the Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement Community Center at Queensbridge Houses, promotes peaceful conflict resolution as a method to combat gun violence. The young artists goal was to depict the complex emotional transformation that occurs as a result of peaceful conflict resolution.

  • A Welcoming Celebration

    The second mural created by Groundswell for the Jacob A. Riis Settlement House, the artists on the team wanted to create awareness of the diverse communities living in Queensbridge Houses. The team created a piece that uses many cultural references and languages to make people feel welcome to the community center.

  • The Balance - The Four Faces of Health

    A team of young artists have inspired a holistic view of healthy living at the Queensbridge Houses through a new mural on the Jacob A. Riis Settlement House community center. The Balance The Four Faces of Health, stands in honor of all lives at the development past, present, and future.

  • Holding It Down for Generations

    The first mural at Tompkins Houses, Holding It Down for Generations celebrates the heritage and history of the housing development. The young artists, all residents at Tompkins, met with elder residents of Tompkins Houses to learn the history of their community.

  • Collaborative Dreams

    Collaborative Dreams reflects the aspirations of Tompkins Houses, depicted through collaborative portraits which represent collective identities. The portraits presented are incarnations of many thinkers, dreamers, and inhabitants of the neighborhood.

  • Compass of Dreams

    Painted on a handball court, the mural, entitled Compass of Dreams, illustrates two complementary scenes across the front and back of the handball wall. One side honors young peoples resilience to overcome challenges, and the other celebrates the power of play and imagination.

  • Stapleton: The Community As Home

    The first mural at Stapleton Houses, Stapleton: The Community As Home is an homage to the history and current atmosphere at Stapleton Houses. The mural captures how the young artists, residents of Stapleton, value their home and express their creativity.

  • The Foundation of Stapleton

    The community members view Stapleton Houses as a wonderful place to live and they want to see it grow and flourish. To support this, the youth artists depicted Stapleton in their mural as a bright and growing metropolis, built on the foundation of history, trust, love and respect for one another and their surroundings.

  • Empowering the People, Transforming Our Home

    Through a new mural, youth artists engaged seniors at the Stapleton Houses in a public dialogue about the development's past and future as a site of hope, dreams, and community engagement.

  • I Am Who We Are

    The first of three murals at Saint Nicholas Houses, "I Am Who We Are"was addresses the Saint Nicholas Houses residents concern for the public space within the neighborhood. Within the mural, the division between public and personal space is indistinct in order to highlight the fact that ones personal life effects public life and vice versa.

  • Pieces of Peace

    The second mural painted Saint Nicholas Houses, Pieces of Peace is broken down into seven sections. Five of those sections serve as scenes directly dealing with alternatives or ways to prevent violence.

  • Bridges

    In Harlem, a team of young artists engaged local elders through the creation of a mural that has transformed the entrance to the Saint Nicholas Houses Senior Citizens Center. Their mural, Bridges, brought together different generations to inspire new perspectives on technology, community engagement, and youth activism.

  • The Fall of Oppression

    This summer, a team of young men of color created a mural encouraging and inspiring their peers to know their value and know their rights. With an approach centered on personal narratives and storytelling, the team challenged notions of identity to break cycles of inequity facing young men of color today.

  • Passing Wisdom, Planting Seeds

    This summer, a team of young women artists illuminated and celebrated the power of women of color within both the public and private spheres through a new mural in Crown Heights. Their mural, entit...