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  • Passing Wisdom, Planting Seeds

    This summer, a team of young women artists illuminated and celebrated the power of women of color within both the public and private spheres through a new mural in Crown Heights. Their mural, entit...

  • Respect is the Strongest Compliment

    Brought to national attention with groups such as HollaBack! and Stop Street Harassment, street harassment affects the feeling of safety many women experience on the street. The majority of wome...

  • Gender Violence and the Culture That Perpetuates It

    As part of the STARS Citywide Girls Initiative, an initiative funded through the New York City Council, a team of young women facilitated the research, design and creation of a mural to raise publi...

  • Guided Gateways

    Young female artists, working in partnership with Groundswell and Food Bazaar Supermarket, created Guided Gateways, a monumental mural designed to spark dialogue about reproductive health in ...

  • You Can Take Our Homes But You Can't Take Our Hearts

    You Can Take Our Homes But You Cant Take Our Hearts was created as part of Recovery Diaspora, a collaborative citywide public art installation created by Swoon, together with youth from Re...

  • Coney Island Rising Up

    Coney Island Rising Up was created as part of Recovery Diaspora, a collaborative citywide public art installation created by Swoon, together with youth from Red Hook, Coney Island, Staten Isl...

  • For Those Who Speak and Those Who Have Yet To Speak

    For Those Who Speak and Those Who Have Yet To Speak celebrates women as international community through representations of global struggles of and progress by women.

  • Stop at Red! Safety Sign

    Groundswell and the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) designed the Traffic Safety Sign Residency Program to engage public school students in exploring traffic safety information ...

  • Love Should Always Be Safe

    Young women participating in Groundswells Voices Herd Visionaries program created a unique public art campaign in partnership with Day ONE to raise awareness of teen dating violence among their peers.

  • Truth Be Sold

    Truth Be Sold was completed by twelve young women led by artists Katie Yamasaki and Menshahat Ebron in partnership with the Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation.

  • Woman Rise

    "Woman Rise" is a mural that exemplifies women’s struggles and the paths taken to rise above those issues. The mural was created in partnership with the Bowery Residents’ Committee (BRC), a transitional housing residence for homeless women.

  • Informed, Empowered

    Informed, Empowered was created in 2008 as part of Groundswells Summer Leadership Institute by a group of young women participating in our Voices Herd Visionaries program.

  • Art Builds Community, Community Creates Change

    As one of six projects in our Summer Leadership Institute, young women participating in Voices Her’d Visionaries painted a monumental mural exploring female empowerment, immigrant rights, and gender equality: a call to end discrimination in all forms.

  • Beautiful Migration

    Through Groundswells Voices Herd Visionaries program, a team of young women created a large-scale mosaic in response to urban environmental issues.

  • Feels Like Home: An Immigrant Journey

    In creating this mural for PS 24, a bilingual magnet school in Sunset Park, Groundswell’s Voices Her’d Visionaries team decided to tell the stories of the thousands of immigrant mothers who come to New York City in search of a better life each year.

  • Yesterday I Dared to Struggle. Today I Dare To Win

    The diverse community living on Graham Avenue, known locally as Avenue of Puerto Rico, is comprised of Latino, African American, and Caribbean peoples. “Yesterday I Dared to Struggle. Today I Dare To Win,” created through Groundswell’s Voices Her’d Visionaries program, represents this community in four sections.